Nob Hill considers a Business Improvement District

Building upon the brand identity of Nob Hill as safe, walkable and interesting is a big reason behind a push to establish a Business Improvement District and levy a tax on commercial property owners along a just over one-mile stretch of Central Avenue, said one of its proponents.

“Why are we distinct from everywhere else?” said Walt Arnold, member of the Nob Hill BID Steering Committee. “Build on that and I think, over time, the payback will be good.”

A BID requires the approval of 51 percent of the affected property owners through a petition. In Nob Hill’s proposed district, there are about 160 commercial property owners in the 44-block area straddling Central from Girard east to just past Washington.

The petition drive is underway. The steering committee plans to submit the petition, BID plan and letters of support to the City Council for final approval in October.

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